FEAR NO ART, video, 7 minutes, 1999


FEAR NO ART is a video about my own anxieties in relation to my creative process and my position as a young artist in the art world. Walking up the 265 steps of a long staircase leading to the top of a dune called Mount Baldhead, in Saugatuck, Michigan/USA, I was feeling the pressure of having no ideas to create new artworks, and thinking if the artists that I appreciate have ever had those creative problems. In the video, as I walk up each step, and think of their names and works, I start to loose my breath, until I reach the top almost breathless, and run away. The experience of doing this video I compare to the rituals that young native Brazilians have to go through in completing tasks of extraordinary difficulty and pain to demonstrate to their tribe that they have met certain conditions in order to reach adulthood.


© Frederico Câmara 1999