Untitled (old library), 2006

Untitled (sculpture store), 2006

Untitled (painting store), 2006

Untitled (museum resource centre), 2006

Untitled (museum resource centre), 2006

Untitled (archive), 2006



During a research fellowship at Henry Moore Institute, in Leeds, UK, where I had access to the spaces of the local natural history, art and historical museums and galleries that the public don’t usually see, showing museum store rooms, administrative offices, labs, archive strong rooms and libraries.


Apart from revealing spaces that usually out of view, photography also promotes a change of perception. In those spaces, the objects from the collections exist differently from the objects displayed in a gallery. Far from the curated environment of the gallery, the relations between objects, space and people are relaxed and fall apart, creating possibilities for new and different readings of the objects and of the spaces. With this project, I propose those new readings as a form of sculptural (or installation) practice, through the medium of photography.


© Frederico Câmara 2006