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SuperNATIVO*, photographic installation and archive, dimensions variable, 2011 - ongoing 


SuperNATIVO* is a photographic installation and archive that aims to document and interpret the work of commercial painters who create hand-painted signs for small businesses in Brazil. Their works in text and images occupy a territory that is not considered Fine Art, Design or Crafts. Their work shows a great amount of visual originality, representing the culture of the places from where they come, and ultimately, their own identity.


The images were collected during a series of walking trips covering every street of the town of Porto Seguro, in Brazil, where the Portuguese colonizers first arrived. ‘Super Nativo’ is the name of a small hardware store located in this town. The star means that: * The images in this project were not painted by Frederico Câmara.


The photographic installation comprises 1200 images and a book.


© Frederico Câmara 2011