THE NORTH WAY, video installation and book, 2005 (ongoing)


The VIDEO SKETCHBOOKS are an ongoing experiment in photographic notation and exercise, in which I create a method/space for registering and testing ideas without them having to take the final form of an artwork. They are also a way of focusing my thinking in the temporal and geographical present, acknowledging the idiosyncrasies of a new environment, showing people, animals, places, objects and events, all happening by chance.


The images are photographic stills recorded on tape, lasting 5 to 7 seconds each, together with the sound of the time that each photograph was taken.
The work can be experienced either as a projection with sound, or as a photobook.


THE NORTH WAY is about the life in the small village of Dale, in Norway. The selection shows a parade performed by teenagers who are students at the local school, to celebrate Norway’s 100 years of independence from Sweden.


The whole project is 9 hours long and has approximately 4500 images with sound, recorded during a period of 5 months.


© Frederico Câmara 2005